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Shree Akhileshwar Mahadev Shree Akhileshwar Mahadev complex is spread over an area of about 500 sq. feet in Allahabad near Rasulabad Ghat road under Chinmaya Mission. The foundation stones were laid on 30th October, 2004 by Parampoojya Swami Tejomayanandaji and Poojya Swami Subodhanandaji of Chinmaya Mission. Pink sand stones from Rajasthan are being carved and fixed to give shape to Shree Akhileshwar Mahadev Dhyan Mandapam over the Foundation floor. The foundation floor is designed to accommodate a Satsang Bhavan having a capacity of about 300 persons and all the essential services for Shree Akhileshwar Mahadev.

Minto Park Minto Park is located near Saraswati Ghat. It has a stone memorial with a four-lion symbol on top, the foundation of which was laid by Lord Minto in 1910. In 1858, the East India Company officially handed over India to British Government here at Minto Park. After the first war of independence the town was named “ALLAHABAD” and was made the capital of United Province of Agra and Awadh.

Samudra Koop It is situated on a big, high mound on bank of the Ganga. It is about 15 feet in diameter and is built of big stones. The entire premises are surrounded by a stone wall. It is said that it was built by the king Samudragupta hence the name. It is also said that the water level below the well is equal to the sea level, hence the name.

Prabhas Giri It is located about 50 km north of Allahabad city in Manjhanpur tehsil of present day Kaushambi district. This region, 10 km from Kaushambi, was once the capital of the Vatsa empire. Legend has it that Lord Krishna left this earthly world here after being shot by an arrow. There used to be a big Jain temple here and the place is pilgrimage for the Jain community. The Archaeological Survey of India has declared the entire region as protected.

Shivkuti On the northern end of Allahabad city on the bank of the Ganga is Shivkuti temple and ashram. There is the ashram of Shri 1008 Shri Narayan Prabhu established by him in 1948. The grand Lakshmi Narayan temple with marble idols and a Durga temple attracts a big fair in the month of Shravan.

Kamauri Nath Mahadev It is located in the railway colony near the Surajkund locality. In 1859 the railway track had to be diverted because of this temple. It has an idol of five-faced Mahadev. It is said that Lord Shankar had destroyed the cupid god Kamdev here.

Durvasa Ashram Towards the east of Prayag on the bank of the Ganga at Kakra Kotwa and 5 km south of Hanuman bazar, this ancient ashram is located. It has a grand statue of sage Durwasa and a fair is held in the month of Srawan.

Padila Mahadev It is located 3 km north-east of Phaphamau in Soraon tehsil. It is made completely of stone and has several statues. A big fair is held here on Shivratri and in the month of Phalguna.